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Episode 16 – The Path of Freedom and Success – With Guest Justin Donald

The Lifestyle Investor’s Justin Donald is all about opening your eyes to another way of living that brings you fulfillment and abundance.

In this episode, Charlie Epstein sits down with The Lifestyle Investor’s Justin Donald, as Justin explains everything you need to know about his career journey. He shares his story so that you too, can create substantial passive income and long-term equity while achieving financial independence and total freedom from your business or job.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Justin learned how to take risks and build resources 
  • Why Justin created The Lifestyle Investor
  • How Justin improved in the investing business, and the lessons he learned
  • The Lifestyle Investor’s 10 commandments
  • The importance of finding invisible deals and focusing on emerging markets
  • And more!

Listen in to find out how Justin can help you build the fulfilling lifestyle you desire by creating wealth without a job!

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