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27. Your Story Impacts Others with Ted McGrath

When you share your story, your true authentic story, you have the power to inspire others. 

In this episode, Charlie Epstein is joined by Ted McGrath as they discuss what storytelling can do. Ted shares his story and what happened in his life to make him want to share his true authentic story, and how he uses it to empower others to do what he did.

Ted discusses:

  • The epiphany that inspired him to follow his true passions
  • How he felt called to do create his one man show
  • What it takes to follow through on your passions
  • How he uses his personal experiences to inspire others 
  • And more


Connect With Ted McGrath: 

Connect With Charlie Epstein:


Episode 20 – Remaining True to Your Promise – With Guest Marion Abrams

When you were a kid, did you make a promise to yourself about where you might end up? 

In this episode, Charlie Epstein sits down with Marion Abrams, producer and host of Grounded Content Podcast, as they talk about the idea that every decision you have made in your life has brought you to where you have ended up. Charlie and Marion get personal and talk about how their own choices in life have brought them together to share their wisdom with you. 

You will learn:

  • How to stay true to the promises you made to yourself
  • Marion’s story of developing her skills and mindset, behind and infront of the camera
  • How you can find your own mission within your career
  • How Marion works with people to help them create effective messaging for their brand
  • And more!

Tune in and begin your journey to stay true to yourself and the promises that you have made.


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