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27. Your Story Impacts Others with Ted McGrath

When you share your story, your true authentic story, you have the power to inspire others. 

In this episode, Charlie Epstein is joined by Ted McGrath as they discuss what storytelling can do. Ted shares his story and what happened in his life to make him want to share his true authentic story, and how he uses it to empower others to do what he did.

Ted discusses:

  • The epiphany that inspired him to follow his true passions
  • How he felt called to do create his one man show
  • What it takes to follow through on your passions
  • How he uses his personal experiences to inspire others 
  • And more


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26. Being Selfish Isn’t Always Bad With Mike Malatesta

When you find yourself in a scenario where you feel stuck, sometimes it just takes being a little selfish to get you back to where you need to be. 

In this episode, Charlie Epstein sits down with Mike Malatesta, author of Owner Shift, as they discuss Mike’s story of entrepreneurship and how he realized he needed to be a little selfish. Mike shares the journey he took to reframing his mind and how it has helped him become a successful entrepreneur.

Mike discusses:

  • The story which led him to reframing his mindset
  • The valley of uncertainty
  • What he noticed that made him find ways to get unstuck 
  • How the seed of entrepreneurship was planted in him at a very young age
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Mike is an entrepreneur who has helped start, grow, and sell two amazingly successful waste management companies. One sold for mid-8 figures and the other sold for low-9 figures. Mike knows how hard it is to be an entrepreneur and what a long shot it can be to achieve the success and freedom that are the entrepreneurial goal. Mike also knows what it takes to get there.  Mike is a servant [and selfish] leader with a proven talent for developing  exciting vision and mission initiatives, building the teamwork talent and  systems necessary to realize those initiatives, and executing with a team to deliver the desired results.