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24. What Are You Willing to Give Up to Achieve Your Passions? With Helen Gomez-Andrews & Chris Andrews

What is stopping you from taking the first step toward reaching your passions and goals? Are you willing to give up the things that might be holding you back?

In this episode, Charlie Epstein is joined by Helen Gomez-Andrews and Chris Andrews to speak about their story of leaving their life in Brooklyn to chase after their goals. Charlie, Helen and Chirs speak about the event that happened in Helen and Chris’s life that made them challenge their norm, and pursue their passion to build a cannabis business. 

Helen & Chris discuss:

  • The life event that caused them to change their life perspective and go after their passion
  • What made them interested in cannabis, specifically edibles
  • How they traded their Brooklyn home for a cannabis warehouse
  • Where they see their success in three years
  • And more

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23. Overcoming Entrepreneurial Hurdles as a Musician with Emmet Cohen

When you can mix your passions with entrepreneurship, great things can happen.

In this episode, Charlie Epstein is joined by jazz musician Emmet Cohen, as they talk about how Emmet’s passions and entrepreneurial spirit collided. Emmet shares his story of finding success as a mission, and how he was able to channel his passions and create a community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emmet discusses:

  • How he originally found his passion for music and when he discovered he could turn it into a career
  • The importance of having a mentor, and the impacts his mentor had on him
  • How the pandemic impacted his career
  • What led him to create an online community through Emmet’s Place
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Multifaceted American jazz pianist and composer Emmet Cohen is in the vanguard of his generation’s advancement of music and the related arts. A recognized prodigy, Cohen began Suzuki method piano instruction at age three, and his playing quickly became a mature melding of musicality, technique, and concept.