Episode 2 – Debunking the Myths About Your Money

A myth is a false belief you could have about anything, including your money.

In the first part of his mini-series, Charlie discusses his special decks of cards and explains how he uses them to help clients identify their goals and busts many myths about their money. 

In this episode, you will learn:

    • How Charlie’s cards can help you reflect on your goals for your money
    • Why it’s important to enjoy your money throughout your life
    • The actual impact of retirement on your tax bracket
    • To what extent your mortgage influences your debt level
    • How to make money on the spread of your money
    • And more!

Tune in as Charlie discusses the main money myths you need to know about! 

Resources: Epstein Financial Services | To request the Desirement/Money Myth Cards, (413) 224-3606 or mforest@the401kcoach.com